The Sander's Containment Media is available for commercial sale or individual use with our TPS Frame. 

This is a true breakthrough in air filtration. For the first time sub-micron filtration can be accomplished with a flat cut pad and is available for low-flow residential and light commercial HVAC systems due to its extremely low resistance.


This technology is so unique because it allows for HEPA or near-HEPA filtration without any need for construction. 


Submicron Filter

Want the containment media for your home? 

 Check out our TPS Frame! 

The Total Protection System "TPS" Frame was designed to create a simple, easy to use solution for installing cut filter pads in any home or office.

The flexible fins act as a gasket preventing any bypassing making sure that all of the air that travels through your HVAC is filtered. 

The cut pad design allows for a scalable product choice.

We offer three separate and distinct filter options, hover over the image on the right to see all three filtration layers.

This TPS Frame allows YOU to install our Sander's Containment Media into any 1" air filter track in your current HVAC system and YOU have sub-micron filtered air to protect your family members, friends, students, and customers from the dangers of airborne pathogens. Please contact us for a Sanders Containment Media distributor near you!

To learn more, look at our technical data sheets below!

Slide your mouse over this picture to see what layers of filtration we have available!

Why do I need such high filtration?

Take a look at the chart to the right, many of the harmful particles in our air are much smaller than those filtered out by standard home air filters.

Sanders Filters are now available on the GSA Schedule under SIN 333415HVAC.

Please contact us for more information on how to order.



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Sanders Filters are available on the GSA Schedule under SIN 333415HVAC.

Please contact us for more information on how to order.

**This product is not evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to mitigate nor prevent any disease. 

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