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Although it is not traditionally thought about, the air is the largest surface in any building and must be cleaned, like any other surface in the building. Our Sanders Solution finally allows for a method to efficiently, quickly, & cost effectively address this issue.

Sanders Inc. now has available submicron filtration with very low-flow restriction that it can be placed in almost every indoor air facility. Our filters are able to trap and hold particles as small as .1 micron indefinitely due to our revolutionary technology. The resistance of the Sanders Containment Filter is so low that it is able to be placed in almost any HVAC system - including unit ventilators. This breakthrough in technology allows it to be use for residential and light commercial systems which has never been possible before. Additionally, it can be used as a cut pad, this means that during a respiratory outbreak it can remove suspended particles quickly, which is a new development in the filtration industry. 

Previously, Sanders has only been able to service large corporations - however, with the pandemic - we are offering our material to all residences and commercial systems. If you are interested in purchasing a Sanders Containment Filter and TPS Frame for your home or business - please select the page below. 

Recognizing the Problem


The Sanders Solution


Submicron Filteration - Fast


TPS Frames


The Data 

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HVAC Applications


Purchasing the Sanders System for Residential 


Purchasing Sanders System for Businesses

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