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Sanders Containment Filters are available to fill the gap between a viral outbreak’s beginning and the time it takes to create a vaccine and its distribution.  This will greatly enhance our ability to contain the spread of respiratory viruses.  The Containment Filter can be used immediately after an outbreak is recognized, during the period before a vaccine is developed and available to the general public.


The Sanders Containment Filter would not be just for viral pandemics, it also has the potential to be unbelievably helpful in hospital waiting areas, outpatient clinics, extended care sites, residential care sites, community-based outpatient clinics, other health care centers, and all administrative offices that could possibly become a source for where influenza and other airborne diseases have been spread for many, many years.

The Sanders Air Mover System (AMS) 


These small 800 CFM units are perfect for being able to provide sub-micron filtration in any environment. Our Sanders AMS is portable and convenient to be able to provide sub-micron filtration in any environment without touching your HVAC system. 

Sanders Inc has two different types of temporary solutions, in addition to our long term HVAC Total Protection System. 

The Sanders Air Mover System (AMS) 

Sanders Air Movers with Containment Media

The Sanders Drape and Tape System (DTS) 


The Sanders Drape and Tape System (DTS) 


Since our material is a flat cut pad, it can be placed over your current basic pleated filter. By simply cutting out the middle of your pleated filter - you can make a temporary frame while a survey is conducted of your facility and we can place a TPS Frame in your HVAC system. 

These small 800 CFM units are perfect for being able to provide sub-micron filtration. 


The Sanders Air Mover System (AMS) 

With our AMS system you can truly have sub-micron filtration anywhere -- without touching your HVAC system. This portable air movers are 800 CFM and have 3-speeds and are quiet. One (1) Sanders AMS  can successfully filter a 3,000 square feet area. By placing the flat cut pad - our 8" Circles - you are able to have to-go air filtration, that adds to your air changes and provides additional ventilation. 


To learn more about our

Sanders Air Mover System

please watch our short video

How Do I use my Sanders AMS? 

Where do I place my AMS? 

How often do I change my AMS Filters?

How often should I run my AMS? 

We recommend you place your Sanders AMS in a back closet or back corner of a room and face it so the fan is facing toward the ceiling. We do this because, as shown in the video, this disburses the particles and up toward the ceiling and down the wall and returns it against the floor -- this provides maximum filtration & 'scrubs' the air in that room. Our AMS provides assistance to your HVAC system, but your HVAC system will also spread the freshly filtered air! 

Our Filters are supposed to turn dark - that shows that they are working! We encourage you to change your filters on your AMS system, on average every 90 days. When your filters look like this: 

They should be changed. 



Needs to be Changed

We recommend you keep your AMS running as much as you can - this will provide continuous filtration. If you cannot run it during the day for some reason, we strongly encourage it to run all night, this way you and your customers are walking into scrubbed air in the morning. Our air movers do have a timer if you would like to scrub your air for a set time period. 

The Sanders Drape and Tape System (DTS) 


Our DTS, is the perfect solution for all large facilities that need sub-micron filtration, and quickly! Whether it is to open your school, business, child care center, or establishment, our flexible flat-cut pad media are able to be simply placed over your standard pleated filter. As you can see here, we ask you to simply cut out the inside of your current filter and that current filter provides a frame for our Sanders Containment Filter. We ask you to use a simply, double sided tape, to stick on our material and place it back in your HVAC system. We are able to provide sub-micron filtration to any HVAC system - and FAST!


To learn more about our

Sanders Drape and Tape System

please watch our short video

How Do I use the Drape and Tape System?



First, we will as you to cut all but an inch out of your current pleated filter? Using a different type of filter than a pleated filter? That's okay - this is a temporary solution - just cut out the inside of your current filter - leaving only a frame 



Out of the material we send you, we want you to cut the material the size of the frame + 1" on each side - so if your filter is a 20x20, we want you to cut the DTS SCF material 21"x21"



Then, apply double sided tape to all edges of your new frame. Then beginning with any side, apply the SCF material around the edges, pulling it taught! 

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